To put in perspective, if music was food, Byron Green Aka Dj B-Style’s musical ‘taste’ could be compared to a big, tasty, eclectic pot of gumbo.  This dj from Oakland was born into a party household.. “music and dancing were the foundation of the family soul. When the party started it was hard to stop and my ears were baptized early on to the constant bump of Disco, Electronica and Hip Hop records along with the soulful and hypnotic sounds of r&b, funk, and soul music of the 70’s and 80’s into the 90’s and beyond”. Music has always been the major escape, whether writing or producing and taking an audience into his world as a selector.  B-Style’s ability as a Dj to blend so many different flavors across your musical palette, is refreshing. A set could take you from the ill sounds of hiphop and r&b, on to the new-school bass driven slaps and turning up a crowd, to eclectic rhythms of funk and soul.  “I try to play music that i would like to hear if i were on the floor, which is why you’ll always see me dancing behind the turntables. I also like to introduce flavors that a crowd might not  necessarily be up on yet, but its giving them sort of a little nudge. Hey, just keep an open mind and turn up.”