wonway posibul dion decibels

Thinkbeat Presents:

Dion Decibels & Wonway Posibul 6p-2a

Dion Reiner-Guzman, better known as Dion Decibels, is a San Francisco native who was born into music. With his father, a professional drummer, and his mother, a dance instructor, Dion was steeped in sounds from his earliest days. He discovered turntables in 2001 and fell in love with the ability they gave him to shape, transform, and extend his favorite songs. He has since become a major force in the Bay area music scene as a DJ, sound engineer, and producer.

Wonway Posibul is a GRAMMY nominated songwriter and emcee, DJ, radio host, and actor. Behind the turntables, Wonway has established himself as one of the most sought after DJ’s in the Bay Area. His diverse playlists can range from HipHop, Funk, Salsa, House, Samba, Jazz, Dancehall, and Future Soul all in the same set.

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