weekly foosball tournaments

One of the most common foosball tournament formats in the US is something called a “DYP”: a Draw Your Partner tournament. DYPs are a great way to level up your foosball skills, giving everyone from beginners to pros a fun and casual way to work on their game. Partners are drawn randomly. You don’t need to come with a partner in order to play, just show up! If you’re a beginner, we’ll coach you along the way.

Monster DYP: new partner is assigned at each round. Play one game to 7. 2 points if you win, 0 points if you lose, no ties. Around 10 PM we’ll switch to single elimination play-offs, where points are used to seed the top 8 players on to teams. Those teams play best 2/3 matches to determine who wins the tournament. We usually finish by 11 pm.

$10 entry fee per person. 100% payout.

21+ Only