Step into your cloaks Wednesday, March 20th for Harry Potter Movie Trivia Night! ALSO, join us for the Bay Area release of our POLYJUICE POTION elderberry plum sour ale collaboration with Central State Brewing! 
  • Starts at 8pm
  • Free to enter
  • Trivia will be based on Harry Potter Movies…time to binge every movie!
  • Prizes to winners!
Polyjuice Potion 

Back in the Midwest, our Emporium Chicago wizards cast spells on elderberries, plum, and yeast to create the magical Polyjuice Potion with Central State Brewing! We are now bringing to to the Bay Area for all Hufflepuff’s, Ravensclaw’s, Gryffindor’s, & Slytherin’s! Join us for the Polyjuice Potion Release starting at 4pm!