Mr. Lucky aka Diego Herrera is SF Bay Area based DJ who travels the sonic landscape of music. He is a member of the Bay Area DJ Soundsystem I&I Vibration and a resident at the long running “Skylarking”, an all vinyl reggae party in San Francisco.

From a young age his musical interests have been deep and varied, beginning at first as a singer and musician, then progressing into DJing in his early 20’s. His eclectic music palate has given him the perception that all music is connected, and that can be heard in his performances that cross genre boundaries and blend different styles seamlessly.

To him music is a universal language that connects not only people’s individual experiences but also connects the cultures the sounds originate from. And as we enter a new era where there is increasing cross pollination of genre, style, and culture Mr. Lucky is sure to be a DJ to look to for exciting new sounds while paying tribute to the music of the past and it’s impact on Now.

The future holds much for this DJ/producer/remixer, and He hopes you’ll be there to make those discoveries with him.