Are you ready to battle it out in some Queen-on-Queen mayhem?

Thursday 3/21 Killer Queen SF is holding another New-Bee tournament at Emporium SF!!! Killer Queen will be on stage, big ol’ projector, and lots of HYYYPPPPEEEE. Special addition this for this year: Live player stats powered by Sumo Logic!

Tournament will start promptly at 7:30pm. Please arrive early for sign ups. If you think you will be late, please post on this FB event so we can accommodate.

Entry fee is $2 per person. We will waive the entry fee if you are attending the GDC conference (show badge), or if you throw a social media shout-out and tag Killer Queen and Sumo Logic

Q: I am not good at this game, should I really play in a tournament?
A: Absolutely, this tournament is for funsies!!! Low stakes. Meet strangers and make friends. If you like Killer Queen then you should play. We guarantee you there will be players at all skill levels. Most importantly, it’s a team game! Communication is an important aspect of Killer Queen.

Q: I am not a “n00b.” Is this event for me?
A: Yes! The only players excluded are those participating in the Get Drunk Clash tournament on Saturday at Brewcade– Saturday’s event is a League event; however, we wanted an event just for folks not involved in regular league play. The name, “New-Bee,” just fits too well with this dumb bee game, and we want everyone to play!

Q: I heard there are stats, is this true?
A: Yes! We are partnering with Sumo Logic to bring you never-before seen live stat tracking. League players haven’t even seen these yet. We also will be giving out awards to individuals that meet some specific stat requirements.

Q: I don’t have a full team of 5. Can I still play?
A: Yes, tournament organizers will help free agents and partial teams match up.

Q: I have a full team of 5, will we get split up?
A: No, you can play with your own team.

Q: Anything else I should know?
A: Team names! Come prepared with a team name, it makes things a lot easier for organizers. (Please and thank you!)