dj skyler villain

The “Mustache Maestro” Known around the world as Skyler Villain is well adapted at shooting you with a shotgun of different decibels and genre bending dance sets. Sticking to the performance level of using turntables vs. controllers has kept him on the forefront of most west coast clubs since 1994. Some of those clubs being The Cosmopolitan / Marquee Las Vegas.LAX / Supperclub / Couture in Hollywood along side some of the finest DJ’s including DJ’s AM, Jazzy Jeff, Steve Aoki, Z trip, and opening Dj sets for Jay Z -Metallica.

Skyler when doing Electro swing sets often incorporates loops, samples or melodies that deliberately reference a sound-palette (to the inclusion therefore of the dance moves and fashions) from the classic swing, jazz and big band era. Typically this is the period from the early 1920s to the late 1940s and would include music by Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton and Benny Goodman among many others. Successful examples of the genre create a modern and dance-floor focused sound that is more readily accessible to the modern ear but that also retains the feeling of live brass and the energetic excitement of the early swing recordings.

Skyler’s Production as “the Vaude Villainz” with partner Duke Skellington has two major Ep releases in the UK under Ragtime Records out of Brighton. Remixing tunes “Evil” and “Jumping Jack”from Big Bad Voodoo daddy and Una Mae Carlisle are in rotation on radio stations worldwide. Turntablism and video mixing together is his expertise and is a professional at reading a dance floor or just being a tastemaker and setting the vibe.Like Skyler say’s “Perfection and style is must,but definition is just limitation.” Make sure to catch Dj Skyler Villain at one of his Current Monthly residencies.