The first 2018 Emporium Winter Olympics in SF is calling upon the greatest athletes in San Francisco to prove their skills.

This is the moment you’ve been training your whole life for. So dust off those Dorito fingers and belch out that last sip of Mountain Dew Code Red because it’s time to drink some beer and kick some ass…..like an adult!

The Emporium Olympic Winter Games 2018 are here! The Emporium Olympics are 2 week long game tournament that runs during the actual olympics. We’ve been doing it since 2012 in Chicago and it’s a blast. Game events occur as either single day tournaments (below) or as ongoing high score challenges for arcade video games such as Pacman, Donkey Kong, Galaga, etc (registered in person).

2/9 – Emporium Olympics – Opening Ceremony
2/11 – Speed Runs – Simpsons/Turtles/Mario (Sign Up for this Event)
2/12 – Sporty sports: NBA Jam/Open Ice/Blitz (Sign Up for this Event)
2/12 – Shuffle Board (Sign Up for this Event)
2/13 – Air Hockey (Sign Up for this Event)
2/15 – Killer Queen: New Bee (Sign Up for this Event)
2/18 – Pinball (Sign Up for this Event)
2/19 – Pool (Sign Up for this Event)
2/20 – Killer Queen (Sign Up for this Event)
2/20 – Ice Chexx (Sign Up for this Event)
2/21 – Foosball (Sign Up for this Event)
2/22 – Skeeball (Sign Up for this Event)
2/22 – Fight Night – MK/SF2/MVC (Sign Up for this Event)
2/25 – Closing Ceremony / Medal Ceremony (Sign Up for this Event)

We offer you two categories for play – enter Tournament (play in person with others at a designated time/place) and High Score Challenges (open to anyone at anytime during the real olympic games).

Disclaimer: All events will be live streamed on Facebook Live and/or Twitch. Please notify us if you do not want to appear on the live stream. It will probably just be easier if you wore a mask or something. Just saying. Closing Ceremony will be held on Sunday Feb 25th. All prizes and medals will be distributed during the Closing Ceremony. Void Where Prohibited. Member 3DS. Please Drink Responsibly.